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Things that happened today:

  • Carbon fiber mountain bike fell off roof rack on I-70 (fortunately it did not hit the ground because the rear wheel was strapped in)
  • Kid parked next to us at husband’s race threw up
  • Emetophobia related anxiety attack #1
  • Husband dropped out of race due to sudden and severe digestive issues
  • Emetophobia related anxiety attack #2 (ongoing)
  • Toddler damn near lost a finger after it ended up tangled tightly in his puppy’s ribbon
  • Dog puked all over my bedding (no emetophobia from dog puke, fortunately)

I’m ready for today to be over, you guys.

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Hope Pass. This place is the stuff of ultra running legend. 

The furry girl and I “ran” it this morning which confirmed my suspicion that anyone that even so much as attempts to run Leadville is a certifiable badass (whether they make it over Hope twice or not). 

It was hard enough to do it once on fresh legs. I can’t imagine doing it twice, starting some 45 miles in to a 100 mile race. 

Thinking of all the blood, sweat, and stomach contents that have been spewed all over that trail definitely kept me moving. Good luck next weekend, you crazy kids. 

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